A few years back I remember being caught so deep in a lucid dream that I had forgotten how to wakeup.

I found myself in such a state of absolute awareness that I had literally disconnected from the “outside” world. I was very much aware that I was in a dream but was able to utilize all of my 5 senses. Nothing connected my dream to my reality. I could not re-connect with my waking self.

So, I sat there in nothingness. On a street, on the ground of a scenario I had manifested because I was too frustrated to change it to anything else. I waited there till my body was ready to wake up.

The moments where I’ve nearly encountered that scenario again, I figured out a formula for myself to wake up. I discovered the elements to take me from subconscious to consciousness were in Feeling, Visualizing, and Intent.


I had to recall what it FELT like for another part of me to FEEL something that I currently was not feeling. I had to become aware of all the things I could currently feel in that dream, and tell myself that I could FEEL something else. I was also able to become aware of the feeling of my eyes being closed and had to think of how it would feel for them to be open.


I had to remind myself of what my waking reality looked like. Where do I live, what does my bed look like, what do *I* even look like? These are all very real questions that can be easily forgotten while dreaming.


I had to intend to wake up and BE in a place that I was sure existed.

If you wish to bring your desired reality to your waking life, remember these elements.

FEEL your desired reality as if you’ve felt it before. FEEL it as if you’re recalling a memory. Become AWARE of what you’re currently feeling, then become aware that you have every possibility of feeling something else.

VISUALIZE what your reality should look like. Recall it as if it’s a memory. Tell yourself what is happening, and SEE IT.

INTEND to be there. Know that you can be there so long as you’re aware that the reality EXISTS.

Do this repeatedly until your desired reality feels like your waking life and your current reality becomes the dream.