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An Inspirational Book of Affirmations, Empowering words, quotes & Gratitude Journal for Women


by Ivy Ejam

Book of Guidance, Affirmations, Empowering words, & Gratitude Journal for Women

” This book is very very motivating and much needed food for the brain. This book helps to center your thoughts and helps to reshape the way you think and believe that ANYTHING is possible to achieve…..” – Kimyahta

Paperback with Bonus Gratitude Journal Pages



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Through out this book, I cover different life topics and how best to acquire the mindset that will create happiness in those areas. Combined, this book is full of positive thoughts, Motivational texts, & daily affirmations that assist you in attracting the life you want using the law of attraction.


  • How to build self-love and confidence
  • How to adopt a wealthy mindset to attract money into your life
  • Attract any relationship you want
  • Mastering your mindset to make better decisions towards your goals
  • Various visualization techniques to attract your ideal life
  • Lists of daily affirmations based on your specific goals
  • Paperback includes bonus pages for gratitude journaling.


Ch 2 Self Love
If you’re having issues with loving yourself and feeling empowered as a woman, this chapter helps you acquire the mindset of self love, confidence, personal style, posture, countenance and sex appeal.

Ch 3 Wealth & Prosperity
If you have goals to live a more fruitful life, money, success, giving, and adopting a wealthy mindset is covered in this chapter.

Ch 4 Relationships
If relationships are currently an issue for you, this chapter covers friendships, attracting love, and how to deal with breakups and infidelity.

Ch 5 Personal Development
Making decisions and coming into new self are a vital element toward asking for what you want. This chapter covers how best to prep your day before it starts, how to make more productive choices, and helps you to understand yourself as a co-creator.

Ch 6 How-To Create Your Reality
After you’ve figured out what you want, it’s time to go get it! This chapter covers the various ways you can incorporate what you’ve learned in the previous chapters into your ideal reality.

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Minding Her Business - The eBook
Average rating:  
 25 reviews
by Irma Reyes on Minding Her Business - The eBook
Minding Her Business

Absolutely love this! Such an inspiration and easy to read guide! I will recommend to any woman young or vintage! Thank you so much!! 💖

by Sarah on Minding Her Business - The eBook
Minding her Business -The ebook

This is such a great book to guide you through your personal development, it really helps you to see the positives when you're doubting yourself and struggling to break bad habits. I only wish I had bought it sooner! Thank you Ivy!

by Ana on Minding Her Business - The eBook
My Daily Encourangment

I bought this book because of all the reviews I've read and I definitely don't regret it at all!! Money well spent! I've highlighted, underlined, and written all over the book. It didn't fail to inspire and lift me up. It is my daily reminder that I'm the only person that can create my own reality. I can change my life and make it something I love waking up to. Definitely recommend this book. It's small, but pack full of inspiration and encouragement!

by Jen on Minding Her Business - The eBook
Just wow!

I just bought and finished reading Minding Her Business and I must say I am pumped and lifted! As an Entrepreneur it can be easy to feel down and stressed when things just don't go the way you'd like. This book has taught me that everything happens based on your mindset and in order to change your circumstances, you must change your thoughts. Ivy thank you for putting this amazing book together! I look forward to talking to others about how this book has changed my life.

by Chilla G on Minding Her Business - The eBook
My personal bible

I am in love with this book I have always had a problem in believing the law of attraction, but since I have started reading this book I believe more now than ever that the law works and I just can't get enough of the affirmations in the book this is my personal bible whenever I am feeling down I just go to reading

by Andrea Del Aguila on Minding Her Business - The eBook

I just recently bought the e-book "Minding her Business" this week and Wow!! I have been struggling with confidence, and self love, to name a few. But the concepts you explain in this book makes so much sense, I thought to myself, why is it that I didn't understand this before?!?! This book is a must read and I really hope there can be a Spanish version soon. Ivy, these words are so powerful and meaningful. So many women and so many people need to hear your message!

by Kimyahta on Minding Her Business - The eBook
Inspiration finess

This book is very very motivating and much needed food for the brain. This book helps to center your thoughts and helps to reshape the way you think and believe that ANYTHING is possible to achieve. Developing new ideas just happen to appear more clear and a path of direction doesn't seem so distorted. GREAT NO AWESOME BOOK!!!!

by Jasmine on Minding Her Business - The eBook
Absolutely Empowering! (:

Forever re-reading this one.. Minding Her Business helped me make some much needed shifts. Self love, confidence, relationships, love, success, personal development. Definitely recommend it to any women looking to make changes in their mindset on life. Become the woman you are meant to be, regain your confidence, know your worth, love yourself unconditionally, attract success and loving relationships.. you deserve it all! This book is an investment that will help you become the best version of you.

by Lesley Baez on Minding Her Business - The eBook
Love It

I have built my confidence, learned to love myself first and figured out what kind of people and lover I want in my life. I have been more happy and energized saying my affirmations for the day and having a positive mindset. Thank you Ivy Ejam!

by Elicia on Minding Her Business - The eBook
Great Book

I follow Ivy’s MHB instagram account and was really pleased and excited she wrote an ebook. Her instagram posts encouraged me so much that I took an idea I had and instead of just thinking about it, I put it into action and started a business along with my full-time job. I read this book in two parts as I am so busy with work. I ended up completing it on the beach, this weekend. I will go back to it again and again as her words were inspirational, insightful and of course motivational. It’s an easy read as well. I highly recommend it. There is something there for every woman.

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