Before my first great manifestation, I had used my “As if” journaling to write down my life exactly as I wanted it to be. I wrote down how I wanted to feel moving into my new apartment, how it looked, how peaceful I would feel. I wrote down that I would be able to pay for all of my furniture up front (I only moved out with a bag of clothes and my laptop). I even wrote down an exact move in date.

I didn’t stop there. I desired more motivation to feel as if I had arrived at my desired reality. Every few days I would window shop for furniture I wanted. I would mentally pick out what I liked and would browse as if I was ready to bring out my checkbook at any moment.

Although I only made a few hundred dollars a month at the time with no realistic way of paying for it, that did not bother me as I knew what I wanted and where I wanted to be. That’s really all that matters. So if it makes you FEEL GOOD to window shop, then do it!

And man did it FEEL GOOD to come back 4 months later when my thoughts became reality. I had moved into the apartment of my dreams only DAYS from the move in date that I wrote down. When it came time to furnish, I was able to pick out the furniture I wanted while telling the sales rep that I’ll be paying for it in full. *hair flip*

I still have the exact journal entry I had written down of the things that I wanted, in detail, and it feels great to read them over.

Now that my goals are bigger, I am repeating the same process on a larger scale. There is a gated community with beautiful mansions that I visit every few days. (the gates don’t close till afternoon as they’re still building homes.)

Every time I drive there I say “I’m going to my house” or “I’m going home”. I drive around the community looking at the houses as if I live in there or I’m browsing to buy. It makes me FEEL GOOD to experience that so I try to do it as much as possible.

If you currently desire to live a certain reality, I highly recommend documenting where you want to be. Write down what you want, and start EXPERIENCING as if you’re already there. These tools will only strengthen your faith and give you the confidence to ask for BIGGER and BETTER acquisitions.