How do you currently see your life? How often is the glass half full? Do you rejoice that the thorn bush has roses or do you lament that the rose bush has thorns?

It is no easy task to see the good in a seemingly poor situation. I even still struggle with this on and off. However, be reminded that because we attract what we are, we have the tendency to notice that which is active in our vibration.

I have noticed the moment I start seeing the glass half empty proceeds right after thoughts of this nature:

  • Lack of self belief
  • Domination of ego
  • Lack of focus

Lack of Self Belief

love-writing-gift-letter (1)The moment we start spiraling down a path of negativity, the first thing we want to do is analyze the situation instead of analyzing the initiator, namely ourselves. When you are unable to see a scene clearly, doesn’t it make more sense to wipe the lens of your glasses rather than to try to continue to stare at the scene until something changes?

Not being able to see what you are capable of only prevents you from seeing the potential in the things around you. The best thing to do in situations like that is to take a breather! It is so important to always remind your conscious mind of what your subconscious is doing. Your mind attracts your finds in this case, so if you want to find only great opportunities, first find the greatness in you.

Domination of Ego

What if I fail? Getting rid of this is easier said than done for sure. This goes hand in hand with the lack of self belief actually. This tends to come into play when your focus starts to lean on the acquisition of shame. When you start thinking about how others will see you, you lose sight of how YOU see you.

There is a reason why it is said the meek shall inherit the earth. In this case where your ego has dominated, you will have the tendency to subconsciously block out opportunities that prevent you from success.

Lack of Focus

It of course is difficult for anyone to see an image clearly if both eyes aren’t on the prize. To take in the beauty of all things we must avoid that double vision.

When that glass half empty or half full barely looks like a glass of at all it may be a good idea to re-assess your priorities a bit. What is the vision? What is the end goal; the experience that will create that joy which lead you down this path in the first place? Re-aligning yourself with that will assist in allowing you to make more clearer decisions that inch you toward where you need to be.

Photo Credit: IOTA[Ext]