Often times many fall into the trap of bandwagoning onto an opinion simply because it is a popular one. They allow their set of beliefs to be overrun by the loudest person in the room and convince themselves that it is the voice of truth.

Common sense is not common at all as most are perfectly fine with letting others do most of the thinking for them. Why? Because most feel thinking is too hard. Because the possibility of skewing perceptions about the world around us means having to change the way we treat others, ourselves, and our acquisitions.

As creators of our reality, this is not a position you want to be in. Ignorance is only bliss to those who intend on remaining where they are. But knowledge is liberation to those who understand that we all still have a long way to go.

You want to know why the meek shall inherit the earth?

Because it is the silent that is willing to listen.

The tamed that is willing to learn.

The gentle that is willing to understand.

Those who are willing to drop old beliefs in order to adopt new ones truly inherit all that life has to offer. Why? Because if you have decided that only one path is possible, then only one way will continue to find you.

As I’ve said before, a child that claims they are full is not fed. Our capacity to receive is unlimited, therefore the easiest path to growth is in discarding the idea of infallibility.

Just as our bodies must eat consistently in order to thrive, so demands our spirit. This would be difficult to do if we have decided we’ve gotten things all figured out.

Stay hungry for understanding and consistent growth. A judgement is a final, we are indefinite beings.