When we cover our eyes, we’re able to focus more on what we can hear. Every sound we weren’t aware of comes to the forefront where we’re able to closely examine it. When we cover our ears, we have no choice but to closely examine what we see in order to decipher what’s currently going on in our environment.

To that respect, if you really want to receive what you want MOST, the quickest way to get it is by blocking out what you want the LEAST.

We do only have a limited amount of energy to dispense per day. Our mind runs rampant in thought consciously and subconsciously. The thoughts that we consciously catch are very few, and if we are lucky, they are positive thoughts about our goals.

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’re becoming indecisive, take some time out today to decide which one of your goals are most important for you to manifest. What do you want MOST. Which desire, if you were to receive it TODAY, would give you the most peace and happiness?

The moment you decide what that is, make an effort to shut out all other objectives. Now, this is not to say that you should stop pursuing or working toward other things. The point of doing this is so that you can disperse your energy, focus, and thoughts, into what you want to arrive quickest in your life.

Think of it as putting your foot on a gas pedal. We ordinarily only use the right foot to step on the gas or breaks. Imagine that you have multiple gas pedals, one for each area in your life you want to attract. The more you step on one specific pedal, it takes you in a specific direction. Now, we cannot step on all the pedals at the same time. Either one is being stepped on while the other is at rest.

Now imagine that when you are stepping on these gas pedals, it’s actually vibrational thought. We can only truly think about one thought at a time long enough to evoke emotion. The longer you focus your thoughts and intent on one specific gas pedal, the more distance you cover on that path.

Your actions will be more in alignment and you will inevitably arrive where you want to be. Decide what you want most, make an effort to drown out the things that are least important.