Rolls Royce & Audemars Piguet are one of the many luxury brands that live and breathe this concept. For decades, these companies have continued to retain the impeccable standard set by their founders. A standard being absolute quality, consistency, craftsmanship, paying attention to detail, & considering the end-user.

As I witnessed the debut of the latest Rolls Royce collection, it was truly an honor to see the consistent measures of quality that has brought about this brands longevity. If you should ever have the time, I recommend looking into how these luxury items are made, it is truly inspirational. Only then will you understand that the price alone simply does not quantify the endowment, passion, and heart that is embedded in each product.

That said, when pursuing your own endeavors it is important to remember that quality ensures longevity. As I state often on this page, if you don’t set your standards high, who will?

Treat every customer as if they’re your only one, and they will treat you as if you’re their only service provider. Compromising quality for the sake of making a quick buck depreciates the value of your product overtime. Surely, it may feed you for a few years, but maintaining an unwavering level of quality can feed generations.

If you wish to go far and have a genuine desire to provide your end-user with something worth a purchase, then it should be worth it to you to make sure the quality you provide is up to standard.

Never forget the initial inspiration that caused you to start your business. Never let the first taste of revenue coerce you into providing less for more. There will always be quality in rarity – remember this – you are unique.

To that respect, remember always to also invest in yourself. If you want to thrive, take the time every day to invest in the things that are of quality to you. Define your level of standard, and maintain that standard. Never compromise, never settle. Not with happiness, nor love, success, or knowledge… Keep reaching for what will last long enough to pass down to your children’s children.

Photo Credit : @mindingherbusiness
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