If you’re reading this today and have found patterns in your life manifesting itself time and time again, I challenge you to monitor your thoughts for 24 hours. 

Do you worry about bills every time you’re about to open the mail? Why is that so? You know bills are going to come every month so what is the point of fearing the inevitable? Have you tried being grateful instead that even though you have bills to pay every month, you’re somehow able to pay them? Have you ever just said, “I’m thankful that I’m able to pay my bills, no matter how high the amount”. 

When you desire to buy a designer bag that’s a bit above your pay grade, do you find yourself saying “I don’t have enough money for that?” Have you instead tried saying “Although I have the money pay for that if I wanted to, i’d rather spend it on something else”.  Because truth be told, you most likely do have the money for it but instead use it to pay for something more important. 

Do you check your balance often just to see how low your balance is? Have you instead tried limiting the amount of times you check your balance and instead affirming to yourself that “I’m thankful that I have enough money in my account to buy the things that I need” 

I guarantee you that if you begin to change your daily thought patterns you will begin to see an imminent change in the flow of your income and other areas of your life.