Not to mention dress the way you would like to be addressed…

One of the many key components to attracting success into your life lye with how you present yourself on a day to day. Ever see a well dressed woman or man looking classy and sophisticated as ever and wondered what they did for a living and bet they were really successful? Did you treat them with respect or look the other way? Were you inspired or jealous? Careful – because a jealous thought as a result of someone else’s success will never bring you success of your own, but that topic we’ll get to another time.

It should be understood that you ARE your brand identity package. First impressions aren’t just psychological, they’re metaphysical. Ever hear the expression fake it till you make it? Well in this case, the universe does not see it as “faking” it. We are constantly picking up information about those around us consciously and intuitively and with that in mind, WHOEVER you think you are or think you aren’t, you’re right.

We are all familiar with the feeling we get when we are looking our best. Not only do we exude confidence, but the very thing that inspired us to spend the TIME out of our day to look our best was indeed a love we had for ourselves at the moment that said “I’m worth it”. As you grow to learn these secrets of success and life in general, you’ll learn that TIME is an invaluable currency that should be spent wisely both physically and in thought!

If you are a woman who sees herself as a woman NOT worthy of the finer things, the universe will say “your wish is my command”. That thought will perpetuate a vibration that others will pick up on whether they want to or not and the subsequent events that follow will heed the desired result – “you’re not worth it”. On the other hand, when you begin to truly love yourself and show it by taking care of yourself, the reactions from people around you WILL begin to change.

From personal experience, the moment I began dressing like I was a success I instantly noticed the opportunities coming my way. Multiple times, just walking into a store I was offered jobs by stores like Michael Kors and GUESS. Merchants wanted me to sell FOR them rather than them selling TO me. And why wouldn’t they? If a company wants their business to be a success, they will want to work with people who can bring that for them. This is without uttering a word – people will be drawn to you. You are not so easily dismissed, people are more willing to go out of their way for you. “Our policy says this, but you know what, let me talk to my manager I’m sure we can work something out”.

This of course doesn’t just end with how you look but also how you walk, speak, smile, and treat others. All of these actions work in agreement with one main vibration stemming from the impressions you have about YOURSELF. Figure that out first – then fix it. You get in life what you feel you deserve, so start realizing TODAY that you’re an heiress of the creator. You deserve the very best and all the happiness in this world. Claim your financial freedom by realizing your birthright, then get to work!