Isn’t it interesting that when a woman says she wants a successful man, a beautiful life, a big lovely house, others immediately peg her as a gold digger, or superficial. However, if a man were to say they want a successful woman and nice things it makes him some sort of hero who isn’t intimidated by success?

It’s sad that it’s easier for the masses to assume a woman has no success of her own and therefore does not deserve to reach for the best.Even if she hasn’t reached her goals yet, her ambition should be enough for her to reach for receiving the best in life. Even if she’s yet to figure out what she wants in life, how does anyone get to a place they’ve never been if they’re constantly being told that they don’t belong?

In case you’ve just joined us here at MHB and haven’t noticed, we are BOSS WOMEN. We are proud GOAL DIGGERS who have realized our worth and understand our birthright, as co-creators, what we’re entitled to receive in this life.

We strive to better ourselves as women, and aim to spread love, positivity, and empowerment to those around us. However, we need not EXPLAIN the depths of our truths, ambitions, desires, character, and worth to those who refuse to let the light into their own lives. If The Divine, All That Is, I AM, has promised a prosperous life to those who will accept it, then all you need to do is shun those who have refused the gift themselves.

Continue to smile your beautiful smile darling and let not the voices of those who don’t believe in your vision, to thwart your journey to a better life, a better you. The opinions others will always be opposing as long as they continue to reject the truth about life. However, that has nothing to do with you. The only way to help others to elevate is to continue to elevate yourself. Continue to show them that impossible is nothing more than a mental barrier by consistently breaking past the barriers that have been placed upon you.