And I’m not talking physicality’s here. Those you surround yourself with have a way of completely confusing your vibrational atmosphere.

If you desire to manifest a specific type of reality into your life, cohesiveness is key! Just as you wouldn’t wear flip flops with a dress suit, (you shouldn’t!), don’t carry around un-motivated individuals who find your dreams absurd as you’re reaching for the stars. Know what you’re about, then BE about it.

Know what you want enough to become aware of the relationships in your life that are sending mixed signals about your desires. If you find you can’t be yourself around particular people, then stop hanging around them. If you find you can’t express your dreams, desires, and visions, happily without one of your friends tearing you down, then cut them out of your life.

There are 7 billion people on this earth, and thanks to the power of social media, we’re closer to them now than ever before. You can’t expect to reside in a vibrational gated community in the suburbs by building a house in the vibrational projects. Energy is contagious, no matter how far the distance. If your current clique resides in a vibrational community that you no longer wish to be apart of, hop the fence!

Those who live in a poverty state of mind certainly have no intentions of seeing their friends leave and move onto better things. You can try to build that house where you currently stay, but without a doubt, it will be burned down overnight by your closest neighbors. BE about that life you want. Audit the vibrational accounts of your clique. Choose accordingly.

Copyright: johanjk / 123RF Stock Photo