“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” A famous quote by Warren Buffett that couldn’t be more accurate.

Saying “yes” more often may open more opportunities, but it will also give you a bunch of crap to deal with that shouldn’t really be on your plate. What is the point of having a CLEAR vision of what you want if you say yes to everything that kinda-sorta-might give you what you want?

Focus is key, and if you truly want to have great success regarding ANYTHING in life, remind yourself of what it is EXACTLY that you want.

As you become a more and more desirable woman, you will have many proposals flood your way. It doesn’t mean you should say yes to every bloke that gives you attention out of what “might happen”. Keep your wits about you and remember what it is exactly that you want. If it excites you and aligns perfectly with your vision, then go for it. If there is a “but” anywhere in your thought process, then BYE.

That said, as you begin to align with your vision, you will have many business opportunities come your way. Your friend Sally may tell you about this cool deal she signed that she feels you will be perfect for. However, if it’s something that you never really had interest in doing when you first mapped out your vision, don’t compromise what you want for this new opportunity that just doesn’t feel right.


In the past my issues have been spreading myself too thin. Compromising my BIG VISION for side quests. To be clear, when the universe is trying to deliver something to you, the opportunity won’t show up once where if you miss the train you miss the delivery. It will show up again, and again, and again. We attract things like magnets. When THE big delivery comes, we WILL receive it inevitably. Even if we say “no” to it at the time, it will come back just as magnets do the moment they are close again.

Focus on the things that EXCITE your spirit, spend your energy THERE. The last thing you want is to have said yes to so many half-wanted opportunities, only for the REAL DEAL to arrive and not have enough energy or time to accept it.