• Motivational

    The power of “I AM”

    I couldn’t think of a catchy quote to get the masses attention for this, but if you felt compelled to read this right now – it is for a reason. “I am” Is such a powerful set of words. Alone, they are insignificant, but together they are magnificent. The very source of all that is …

  • Motivational

    Forget the labels

    Labels truly limit ones ability to just BE. People begin to expect certain things of you the moment you’ve been sorted into a genre that they can best compute. Instead of getting to know you as a person, they’d rather find the nearest label you sound most like and completely miss out on the opportunity …

  • Motivational

    Happiness can be relative

    The mind truly is a very powerful thing. On a hot summers day of 98-100 degrees with the sun beating down, we find pleasure in swimming in a pool of a cool 78-80 degrees. At the same time, in an air conditioned home of 72-76 degrees, we find pleasure in indulging in a hot shower …

  • Motivational

    Finding your motivation in life

    As much as I was surprised to hear of Iron Man’s improvisational methods, it also kinda of explains why the movie was so successful. As it is imperative to have an idea of what you want, it is not so important to try to figure out exactly how it will all happen. Focus on the …

  • Motivational

    See No Evil

    We actually witness each new experience twice – consciously with our senses, then it is replayed mentally in our mind. However, atimes we have the tendency to really want to milk an experience to feel it longer. This is especially true when it comes to matters of the heart, things that make us angry, cry, …

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