Truth be told, each day life is experienced is a good day. There are no bad days, only poor first impressions about a new day that can set the tone of what lies ahead.

It’s easy to allow our minds to spiral down into a mindset of negative expectations the moment our day begins with discomfort. However, it is also because of that ease that we must exercise self control & our ability to reverse our thoughts the moment it starts heading where we do not want.

The first thing to do after you’ve started your day off negatively is to be still. Did you just encounter something that made you upset, fearful, annoyed, angry? Stop everything you’re doing and take a moment to acknowledge your thoughts first. How is it making you feel?

The purpose of acknowledgement is to remind yourself of negative thought patterns you may encounter. This way you can easily overcome them in the future.

After you’ve acknowledged how you feel, do not dwell on it too long. Remind yourself immediately that your emotions are a direct result of your perception of an encountered experience and not the experience itself. Only you decide how you react to what your reality mirrors back to you.

After reminding yourself that you control how you react, remind yourself that you control how the rest of the day pans out by what you do THIS very moment. Everything can turn completely around in twinkling of an eye the moment you decide what you want. Tell yourself how you want the rest of the day to go despite what has already happened. A minor hitch does not mean the journey is doomed to fail.

Tell yourself that today is going to be amazing. Remind yourself that you are in control.

The only thing that truly turns a bad experience into a bad day are the actions you perform while you’re in a bad mood. Get rid of the negative vibes so you can perform on a higher vibration. The moment you take yourself there is the exact moment that your day will start looking up.

Exercise your ability daily as a co-creator by attracting better days into your life. The more you exercise your faith, the heavier you can lift, the greater things you can achieve.