Ever meet a guy who looks perfect on the outside till you get close and realize his fine print comes with a whole mess of problems? Ever start thinking that maybe it’s because he hasn’t met a woman like YOU yet that could really make him the man that he has the potential to be?

I’ll tell you right now, that you will NEVER fix him in any situation, and I’ll tell you why.

Since we attract what we are, that also means we are drawn to men who reflect the elements that are currently active in our vibration. That said, if you meet a guy and discover he has a mess of problems, it may be a good idea to take a step WAY back and examine what’s going on with you too.

I know some of you may feel lonely right now and think that having a man to “complete you” & feel good and loved sounds appealing, but that certainly is not the type of mindset to go into a relationship with.

YOU are in control of your happiness – ALWAYS! The pieces to your puzzle should be solved by you and NOT another person. Never be in desperate need of a relationship in hopes that it will make you better.

When you join with another person you are still individuals with your own goals and desires. Your focus should remain on becoming a woman who knows what she wants, goes for it, has her own money, has her ambitions. Then you will inevitably attract a MAN who already has it figured out too.

You deserve a MAN who has already become a MAN by the time he has met you.

A MAN that is established and confident in himself.

A MAN who knows what he wants and will go after it the moment he’s got it locked on his radar.

If that MAN sees that what he wants is YOU, he will GO for it – no games. Just as he does with anything else he wants in his life, he goes for it PASSIONATELY with all his heart.

A man who knows he deserves the best in life, and when he has seen you, knows surely that the BEST has been found in you.

A MAN that will cheer you on with your personal endeavors and finds your ambition the sexiest thing about you.

Ladies, we don’t have time for any other projects other than ourselves and our business. So hold out for a man who won’t make you a project either.