This is a photo of my office wall. I’ve always been drawn to the old hollywood era. In my opinion, it epitomized class & understood the importance of retaining high standards.

Women understood that being a Lady was a well respected attribute and aimed to exemplify that in every manner. Men saw being a gentleman as a duty; it was just as much an aspiration as anything else in life.

The actual definition of being a “Lady” or “Gentleman” can be defined as many things, it’s subjective mostly in the matter. All definitions however, revolve around “refinement”. All the good a woman can be, all the favorable a man can display.

Being a Lady or Gentleman can be seen as an art form expressed not only by how you treat others, but how you treat yourself. Externalize your inner good by exercising your right to be a lady in any circumstance.

Leave your fingerprints of refinement on the things you do by showing others how you feel about yourself. Show your pride of being a woman to the world by externalizing your self worth.

Take a little extra time to refine your look before you step out. Make sure you’re feeling your best. Make a little extra effort to extend kindness to those you meet, make someone else feel their best.

Be very clear with your standards and stick by them. Be selective with your words. Remember that restraint takes more power than reckless reaction.

“Only the gentle are ever really strong.” – James Dean

Examine your character, what fingerprints are you leaving on the things you do and those you interact with? Are you leaving a positive lasting impression or a negative one?