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Are you going the right…

Are you going the right way? Well, then what are you waiting for? Keep a clear mind and set your GPS for WinCity.

Don’t waste another minute pursuing a path that won’t get you any closer to your happiness. Set your sails for a journey that’s in alignment with your vision.

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In light of my most…

In light of my most recent post, (if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it, it’s a good one!) Declare the financial situation that you’d like to be a reality. If you want to be able to pay for more things in bulk, affirm it. Feel that sense of security, what would it FEEL like. What would it feel like to not have to constantly check your account balance to know if you can make a purchase or not?

Feel that, affirm it, believe it, receive it.

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If you truly want to…

If you truly want to live a life of luxury, don’t fall into the trap of “playing rich” by spending money on things that you don’t have the luxury of spending on.

The whole point of buying a luxury product is being able to COMFORTABLY afford them without feeling a dent in your bank account. Spending half of your paycheck on an item only to appear like a “Boss babe” actually does more damage than good and delays your growth. You could have invested that money toward REAL wealth by putting it toward your priorities.

I almost fell into this trap when I first started making more money.

However, a basic rule of thumb I’ve personally found that works for me is to multiply the cost of any product outside of necessity by 10. If you cannot -comfortably- by 10 of them at any given time, then don’t buy one if it.

Now, don’t get all pouty in your head when you put it down and say “I can’t afford this”. Simply say “Although I could afford this if I wanted to, I would rather put that money toward something more important” because that is the truth!

If you truly want to live a REAL life of luxury, deny yourself the “image of luxury” NOW and instead invest into an asset that will keep giving you assets LATER.

Louboutin heels will still be there a year or two from now when you have the luxury to buy 10 of them one shot, not to mention they’ll be in SEASON. But for now, don’t kid yourself darling.

Another thing to consider is that the more money you invest back into a business, the less you will owe on taxes. So instead of spending your disposable income on products that are going to depreciate over time, put it toward a business venture that will appreciate.

My buddy @incometips will tell ya – the struggle is real, but the risk is rewarding. We are currently denying ourselves the simple pleasures in order to provide the masses with the valuable information. The sooner you make the switch, the sooner you claim your rise to success.

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Don’t look down, you’re going…

Don’t look down, you’re going the right way! Better things are coming your way, don’t you doubt that for a second. –
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Last night, I had a…

Last night, I had a dream that I was flying.

As I floated around the space, there would be times that I began questioning what I was doing and wondered how long it would actually last. The moment that happened was the moment I would start falling back to the ground and my flight would end. I would kick myself off the ground again, start flying, then start doubting myself again, fall into disbelief, wondering if it was just a farce – then start going back to the ground.

I was reminded of the story of when Jesus asked Peter to come to him on the water. The moment Peter became afraid he began sinking and cried out. To which Jesus replied “You of little faith, why did you doubt?” Funny how when you start having a good dream and begin to fear that it will end is the moment it ends. It’s interesting to see how in a mental realm of instant manifestations, the effects of doubt and fear have such an impact on your progress.

When you think of impactful that is, you really begin to think of how powerful fear and doubt is in our waking life. You may think one shred of doubt is harmless, but it does far more damage than we truly realize.

While I was flying, what kept me in the air and allowed me to fly higher and higher was reveling in the moment. I had to continue to tell myself that I AM flying, THAT is what is happening. I blocked out doubt as much as possible and focused on that which IS instead of that which should not be.

On your road to a better life, remember that doubt and fear will only bring about circumstance that take you where you don’t want to be. Enjoy the moment and acknowledge that it is good.

I am making more money, AND IT IS GOOD!
Good things are happening to me right now, and it will only continue to come!
I am making good progress, and it will only continue to go up from here!

Don’t you for a second start thinking, “is this real?”, “Is this just a farce?” “What if my luck starts running out?” Flight doesn’t run on luck beloved, it runs on fuel. You fuel your flight with faith.

Revel in your accomplishments RIGHT NOW as it will only push you higher and higher.
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