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The very first long post…

The very first long post I ever made for MHB was this exact topic, coupled with me sharing a few outfits of my own. This itself is an important topic that must be addressed.

How you treat yourself ultimately tells others how to treat you, and the easiest way to express that is in your presentation. I don’t have to be the one to tell you that first impressions matter, but what matters even more is how you feel about the impression that you’re giving out.

This must be addressed. You externalize the impressions you have about yourself so if you truly want to start making moves and changes in your life, ask yourself first what story you’re telling others with your style.

Now anyone can exude confidence and sophistication without buying expensive brand clothing. It’s not the cost of the clothing that defines your worth, it’s how you assemble the ensemble in a way that best makes you FEEL like a million bucks.

If you’re not feeling like you’re a woman on a mission by the time you’ve gotten all dressed up and ready, then tweak and change something until you do. Sorry fellas, she’s gonna be a couple more minutes. When I started dressing the way that I felt resonated with how I felt about myself was the moment I started walking with my head held high.

Try playing around with some outfits today. Browse pinterest, lookbook, and instagram for inspiration.

Remind yourself that you are a woman that is worth getting to know. You are a woman that knows what she wants out of life and knows her worth. You are woman that likes to take care of herself because she loves herself enough to know she deserves to be taken care of.

That impression that you feel will be externalized effortlessly the moment you switch on that mindset. I was once offered a job at Michael Kors simply by walking in the store with this mentality. Externalize the impression of “I’m worth it” – because trust me, you are.

I underwent this thought process…

I underwent this thought process while driving this afternoon and realized how stupid-easy it is. The fact that I was able to change a reality that I had been experiencing for YEARS within a matter of MONTHS after simply tweaking the values in my daily routine truly was not rocket science.

In the diagram I’ve created above, you can essentially see your reality as the result of an equation that is composed of the variables “What you think”, “What you do”, and “How you react”. Although what you think ultimately effects what you do and how you react, all 3 of these factors can be changed in order to see dramatic results in your output.

If you want “RX”, being your reality in this case, to equal a different value, you must change the variables in (a+b) to do so.

The first step being defining what you want your result to be. Define RX then work backwards to figure out what you have to change in your current equation to get that value.

To do that, it’s important to figure out the current variables that are causing your current output. Once you figure that out, you can figure out what to change in order to get your desired RX.

My friend Justin (@projectentrepreneur) and I use this process often; reverse engineering. With a similar concept, understand that your current reality has the absolute possibility of doing a 180 the moment you figure the inputs that are getting you theses outputs that you call – “that’s life”. No, that’s YOUR life, and you cannot expect it to change if you’re putting in the same figures daily.

So CHANGE something! If you want to start your own business but don’t know how, you’re not going to get an RX of = “I now know what to do” by complaining about it. Add “research” to your variable daily and you will eventually figure out what to do. After you know what to do, change your RX again to “I have now gotten started”. Use the new information you’ve gathered from your research and plug it into your new variables till you get your desired RX.

Keep doing this and tweaking your desired RX till you get to the ultimate goal. Define your goal, break it apart into steps, change your routine, change your results. Rinse. Repeat. Boom, WinCity.

Are you going the right…

Are you going the right way? Well, then what are you waiting for? Keep a clear mind and set your GPS for WinCity.

Don’t waste another minute pursuing a path that won’t get you any closer to your happiness. Set your sails for a journey that’s in alignment with your vision.

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In light of my most…

In light of my most recent post, (if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it, it’s a good one!) Declare the financial situation that you’d like to be a reality. If you want to be able to pay for more things in bulk, affirm it. Feel that sense of security, what would it FEEL like. What would it feel like to not have to constantly check your account balance to know if you can make a purchase or not?

Feel that, affirm it, believe it, receive it.

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