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A Female Digital Nomad’s Guide to Living in Hong Kong

Has the time come in your life to uproot and build a home somewhere else for a while? Being a digital nomad opens up so many opportunities to experience new, distant cultures, make new friends and business connections, but also to expand your own, personal horizons. One region in particular that has earned a lot…

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Great Company Perks: Help Your Employees Get Their College Degree

Ever since companies started offering perks to their employees as a way of enticing them to join them or to remain loyal, there have been many different fringe benefits used for that purpose. Some have sustained the test of time, but others have proven less efficient. People have been experimenting with money, company car, phones,…

5 Great Ideas to Lift Your Team’s Spirits

In an ideal world, you’d be able to prevent every single burnout for your employees and foresee any company-wide issue that will bring you all down into collective blues. Until such a day comes, you can definitely find creative ways to inspire your team even in the darkest times, whether caused by a lack of…

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Plan for the Future: Tips for Womenpreneurs of Today

When you’re in your early 20s, planning for the future doesn’t seem to take the primary role. Building a job career, starting a family and putting together retirement plans seems like something you need to start thinking about later in life. However, things are not always as they seem. The early 20s are the perfect…

Beat Burnout at Work

8 Ways to Beat Burnout at Work

You have dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort to your job and career, but instead of enjoying the long-awaited fruits of your labor, for some reason you are stuck under layers of dissatisfaction and unpleasantness. Every day at work now feels like a never-ending torture and just the thought of returning the next…