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Plan for the Future: Tips for Womenpreneurs of Today

When you’re in your early 20s, planning for the future doesn’t seem to take the primary role. Building a job career, starting a family and putting together retirement plans seems like something you need to start thinking about later in life. However, things are not always as they seem. The early 20s are the perfect…

Beat Burnout at Work

8 Ways to Beat Burnout at Work

You have dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort to your job and career, but instead of enjoying the long-awaited fruits of your labor, for some reason you are stuck under layers of dissatisfaction and unpleasantness. Every day at work now feels like a never-ending torture and just the thought of returning the next…

Keep Your Home-Based Business Running Smoothly with These 5 Simple Tips

Working from home has numerous perks as long as you are disciplined. Self-control is a deciding factor regarding whether your business will live or die, so working within the comfortable four walls of your own household is not an exception to the rule. However, it comes with its own territory of dangers, the proverbial “stumbling…

Top 7 Activities for Self-Development in College

Being a college student means that you’re constantly upgrading your knowledge of whatever area of expertise you’ve chosen. However, whether you’re already a student or you’re trying to become one, that shouldn’t be the only area you improve. You have a diverse set of skills and abilities and it’s only through cultivating and enhancing all…

Feng Shui Office Makeover

Boost Productivity with This Feng Shui Office Makeover

From a hectic work schedule, all the way to those demanding clients, there are so many factors that can affect your productivity that it’s no wonder that we fail to remember another crucial segment: our office design! It can be something as simple as tweaking your desk position, or as complex as changing your color…