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Top 7 Activities for Self-Development in College

By Nicole Noel

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Being a college student means that you’re constantly upgrading your knowledge of whatever area of expertise you’ve chosen. However, whether you’re already a student or you’re trying to become one, that shouldn’t be the only area you improve. You have a diverse set of skills and abilities and it’s only through cultivating and enhancing all of them that you can work towards self-development and consequent success. Here are some tips to help you achieve that.

Be physically active

People who engage in regular physical activity tend to be healthier and more energetic, which is why this is at the very top of our list. Find the type of workout that works for you and exercise at least three times a week. Other than that, try spending as much time outside as possible. Walking, jogging, cycling or roller-skating are activities which promote good cardiovascular health and boost your mood, helping you stay positive, especially in combination with sunshine and fresh air.

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Be physically active – Pixabay

Maintain a healthy diet

In addition to keeping your weight at a certain level, eating healthy food can also improve your mental abilities. A diet based on fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, fish and poultry can do wonders for your health, mental as well as physical. Eating the right foods can calm you down, allow you to sleep well and even improve your memory and mental capacity. On the other hand, eating junk and sugary foods might slow you down, so be very careful about what kind of diet you choose for yourself.

Recognize your weaknesses and strengths

In order to advance, you need to learn what your strong and weak sides are, so that you can work on them accordingly. Let’s assume that those who managed to get into Harvard University or any other prestigious school are aware that constant improvement is crucial. In order to be as successful as them, you need to know what aspects of your personality you need to develop further to achieve your goals. Use your strengths to move forward, while determining your weak spots and trying to overcome them. For example, if you give up easily, work on being more persistent, and if you don’t work well with others, try participating in various group activities and learn how to function well in a team.

woman, library, book

Recognize your weaknesses and strengths – Pixabay

Improve your communication skills

Spending time with other people in a variety of situations can help you greatly improve your communication skills. Join different student groups and participate in some projects on campus. Good communication skills are essential for gaining people’s trust and building up your confidence, so that you can lead others and collaborate with them. However, be aware that communication skills don’t only come down to expressing your ideas verbally. They are also based on your ability to listen actively, write efficiently, simplify your ideas so that others can understand them better and inspire people through words and actions.

Understand the value of teamwork

Most jobs will require some teamwork, which is why learning to work well with others is important. Join various study groups, take up a team sport, or become a sorority or fraternity member. Inside or outside of the classroom, being a part of a team will teach you how to share ideas and be open to other’s points of view, how to motivate people, how to give and receive positive and negative feedback and how to resolve conflicts. You will also learn how to be supportive and value other’s opinions, making you someone people enjoy working with.

Understand the value of teamwork – Pixabay

Enhance your productivity

If you want to be an outstanding student, it’s important to bring your productivity to the highest possible level. One way to do this is through setting your priorities and doing the more important things first. Another is through organizing and scheduling your time, including short breaks. Find a private, quiet space to work, log out of your social networks and switch off your phone while you work. Avoid paper clutter by switching to electronic documents, keeping them well organized on your computer. And finally, if you exercise, eat and sleep well, you’ll be rested, energized and focused, so that you can finish any task ahead of you.

Stay positive

When your attitude and your thoughts are positive, it’s much easier to achieve anything you set your mind to. So, surround yourself with positive people, ones who will support you and show you the bright side of life. Accept that you can’t control everything and view your mistakes as something to learn from, rather than failures. Be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how small they are. Avoid reading or listening to bad news, but rather focus on the good things around you. And finally, do what you enjoy, whether it’s singing, dancing, or reading a good book.

Only through self-improvement can you become the best version of yourself, and the activities listed above will help you do it. Stay motivated, confident and determined and you’ll be able to do anything.

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