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Nourish Your Soul: Get Your Zen On!

By Nicole Noel

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In the world that’s long passed the easy, tranquil mode of living and went spiraling into way too hectic a dimension of existence for (plain) humans to bear, it is almost impossible to be in balance with your inner self and the world around you. However, the imperative of such circumstance is believing you can, will and must achieve the inner peace and serenity because otherwise, none of the little or big achievements won’t really matter; if the soul is oblivious, is the body happy?

Nosce te ipsum, said the old Latins. And that’s precisely what we should commit to doing, regardless of how unattainable it may seem at times. A hope there are rays of beautiful light to everything we’re going through daily should be our guiding thought, and strength of spirit that will help us achieve anything. Permanence, persistence and perseverance in spite of all discouragements, obstacles and impossibilities – it is what distinguishes a strong soul from a weak one.

For all of you who have been caught in the dismal of everyday circumstance, overworked schedules, time that slips away and a mind that cannot stay calm, not even for a second, here are a few tips that will help you bring back your inner calm and enjoy life (again):

Do what you love

soul creativityIf you are already caught up in a job that pays well but doesn’t instill you with happiness, creative energy and motivation, maybe it’s time you starting thinking about changing jobs. However, if – due to your life circumstances – that isn’t possible at the moment, pick up a freelance engagement of something you love (creative writing, copywriting, design, interior design, painting, IT, etc.) and let it fill your soul with a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Further, you never know – it may be this exact freelance engagement that will earn you enough money to help you quit the job you hate and build an empire on something you adore doing!

Make time each day to be alone

No matter how much you love your friends, partner and family, finding some time to love YOU is crucial. After all, the most important relationship you’ll ever build is the one with yourself, so that’s the primary relationship you should be investing in.Grab pinches of “alone time” whenever you can, regardless of the time of day; the time alone will benefit you majorly as this is when you’ll get to dream, feel, think, plan, c let yourself receive wisdom and guidance.

It is also very important to indulge yourself. Even the small things  count like taking a bubble bath with a glass of wine, your favorite scented Ecoya candles and a yummy meal, going to the movies alone and re-watching your favorite film for days, reading, walking, exercising, sleeping, cooking, etc. – as long as you are fulfilling your heart’s desires.

Surround yourself with supportive people

soul mates

If you are a sensitive soul, you’ll be prone to influences coming from people you are surrounded with; usually, we tend to pick up so much negative energy from the people who are emotionally and mentally draining that we, ourselves end up beat and exhausted.

De-clutter your life from negative people who constantly deflate you and gravitate towards those whose presence encourages you to strive towards fulfilling your goals and be happy. Energy vampires are doing you no good – the moment you detect them and remove them from your life, the better you’ll instantly feel. Know that these people may be everyone from your immediate family, best friends, even partner to your coworkers and neighbors.

Connect with something bigger than yourself

With a project here, and a meeting there, it gets so easy to lose sight of things that really matter in life – health, love and happiness. Making time for spiritual practice will go a long way in keeping you peaceful, mindful, grounded and clear in your vision of the future. Just a few peaceful moments alone will help you balance your inner spirit and reconnect with the world around you.

There are multiple techniques to help you start this journey: from hypnosis tapes to meditations and prayers, it’s all just a matter of your personal sentiment and choice.

Hopefully, you’ll take our advice and let yourself appreciate the beautiful life that was given to you; organize your time and you’ll see how easily you’ll achieve happiness and everything you’ve set your brilliant mind to.

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