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How living abroad affects your productivity and work motivation

By Nicole Noel

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It’s no secret that stepping out of your comfort zone can help you push your boundaries in the various aspects of your future life. This relates to your relationships, your mental health, and even your job. The edges of a comfort zone vary from person to person, but one of the bravest things you could do is to live abroad, at least for a while. In most cases, taking this leap has life-changing consequences, but did you know that moving out of your home country can benefit your productivity and work motivation?

It brings creativity boosts

Travelling abroad, especially to a place far away from your home, gives you the chance of meeting unique people and gaining various experiences. When you change your perspective, your brain gets into the state of relaxed attention – your mind becomes clear but your focus becomes stronger so the brain can make astonishing cognitive leaps and come up with the unbelievably creative solutions for the various problems. Besides, understanding a different culture makes you bicultural and, therefore, more creative.

creativity productivityIt makes you more tolerant

In the process of learning to be a more tolerant person, becoming bicultural again has a major role. Understanding another culture is not just about being informed – it’s about learning to accept there are people with different habits. And what’s better way to learn this than to live with among the people of different skin colour, religious views, and lifestyle? Once you accept the diversity, you’ll become more tolerant and, over time, it will become a part of your nature. Just imagine how much good that can do for your understanding and participation in tasks that require teamwork.

It gives you a chance to volunteer

Sometimes, volunteering is a good way to earn some money on the go, but it’s even more significant for gaining valuable work experience which you can, later on, use in your workplace or, at least, in your resume. Usually, when you decide to volunteer, you do it because it gives your satisfaction, moves you from the within, and you feel it’s worth fighting for the cause. That’s true, organic motivation and it’s amazingly powerful. Moreover, it’ll completely change the way you see work motivation in general.

3It improves your communication skills

This doesn’t apply only to learning new languages, although a foreign language will surely make your CV stand out and improve your cognitive skills. But, when you share accommodation with people from another country and you can’t find the common language, you learn to communicate non-verbally, developing alternative modes of communication. That’ll make you rely on your intuition more which will help you deal with various kinds of people later in your life.

It boosts your confidence

Living in your home country means everything’s familiar to you and there’s always someone there to help you. But, once you cross the border and find yourself among strangers, you can only count on yourself. Whatever goes wrong, you have to manage it yourself and there’s no better feeling than feeling that everything’s under your control. Little by little, this becomes a part of your character and your confidence starts growing. Your attitude will become more positive and it’ll be easier to meet the challenges at work.

confidenceIt turns you into a leader

Ask any leadership expert and they’ll tell you the same thing – knowing how to deal with diversity is the very essence of what being a leader means. Regardless of the work field you choose, you’ll have to work with clients or colleagues from around the world sooner or later, so you’ll have to know how to customize your approach on a person to person basis. Living abroad and broadening your worldview are really ways to prepare for this.

In the end, changing a place of residence will help you see things from another perspective and decrease your stress level. We all need to give ourselves a break from time to time, so don’t hesitate to give living abroad a chance – you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

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