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Feng Shui Office Makeover

Boost Productivity with This Feng Shui Office Makeover

By Nicole Noel

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From a hectic work schedule, all the way to those demanding clients, there are so many factors that can affect your productivity that it’s no wonder that we fail to remember another crucial segment: our office design! It can be something as simple as tweaking your desk position, or as complex as changing your color palette, but the changes you introduce have the power to transform your work routine.

Declutter to destress

A chaotic desk, drawers filled to the brim and long-forgotten desktop icons do not constitute the famous notion of creative chaos – so, don’t use them as an excuse to stay messy. An orderly, neat work space is the primary prerequisite for any quality work, as you’ll have greater control of your surroundings and remove unnecessary distractions.

You will reduce the time you’d usually spend searching for a specific document and be able to stay focused on the task at hand in order to increase your productivity. Plus, too many items on your desk(top) cause your mind to become overwhelmed with information, leading to a stress overload. Less truly is more when it comes to your desk!

Feng Shui Office Makeover

Think green thoughts

Studies have shown that the quality of indoor air has an actual, measurable impact on your work performance, and that polluted, poor-quality air can reduce your focus by up to 9%. The best feng shui solution to help you tackle this issue is introducing greenery into your office, which is both aesthetically pleasing and works as a natural air purifying system.

Consider adding plants such as aloe vera, peace lily or fern, all of which are low-maintenance, exceptionally alluring, and they will do wonders for odors, air-borne irritants, and other pesky pollutants affecting your productivity.

Play with details

Certain items you can add to your office design might not seem to have a work-related purpose, and yet they can profoundly affect your mental and emotional state. For example, including personal details such as your kids’ drawings, memorabilia from a special trip, or adding custom picture frames with photos of your loved ones to make you smile, especially when you’re struggling with a task.

These details should reflect your personality and have the power to motivate you to overcome obstacles at work, so think of them as passive morale-boosters, and not just lovely decoration pieces. They are all bits of your identity, and they should always represent something you can strongly relate to.

Feng Shui Office Makeover

Let there be light

Just like pure air, using natural light is another pivotal aspect of using feng shui to rethink your office look and feel. Without ample daylight, your mind will have trouble focusing on a specific task, especially if your work involves lots of eyestrain and finesse, which is usually the case with graphic design.

However, if you spread out your work day to involve parts of your evening, then you’ll also need suitable daylight substitutes that are easy on your eyes and mimic natural light as much as possible. A great example are LED lights designed to increase your productivity without causing headaches typical of incandescent bulbs.

Feng Shui Office Makeover

Focus on function

Feng shui relies heavily on aligning your energy with the room and vice versa, by using the given space to serve a particular purpose. That means that if you are designing an office, your desk should be in the commanding position, without the door behind your back, so that you can always notice who enters the room.

The window should give you enough light but not be too close to cause too many distractions, and you should choose your chair and other essentials to give you enough comfort and support. Perhaps a standing desk is a better option for you, or you could use some vertical storage to reduce clutter.


As you can see, you don’t have to be an interior designer or a feng shui expert to make the most of this ancient wisdom, but with the help of a few simple tips, you can re-envision your work space to become more productive.

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