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Best cities for studying and living abroad

By Nicole Noel

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Living abroad, at least for a while, has many benefits and there’s no better time to experience it than when you’re a student. Not only does it boost your work motivation, living in a foreign country also makes you more tolerant, broadens your views, and helps you make friends across the globe. However, with so many opportunities in front of you, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to choose the best place to study, so here is the list of some of the best cities for students from all over the world.


Ljubljna stuyding abroadFor starters, Slovenia offers full-time undergraduate studies for free, so studying there is quite budget-friendly. Furthermore, student meals and accommodation are subsidized by the government meaning you get student discounts in restaurants, public transport, various courses, and so on. Student dormitories cost from 80 to 150 € per month while private accommodation is somewhat pricier. Besides, Slovenia is a small yet beautiful country – you can see both the Adriatic Sea and the Alps in one day. Take the bus, the train or simply carpool – it’s quite a popular way of transport in Slovenia.


Queensland is known as the “Sunshine state” due to its sub-tropical climate and lots of sunny days, and Brisbane is its capital. If this is your first experience of living abroad, you’ll be glad to hear that Brisbane is famous for its safe environment and welcoming atmosphere. Aside from the best educational providers, Brisbane offers multicultural dining and events so you’ll get the chance to meet various cultures. It’s easy to find a good student accommodation in Brisbane, even in a perfect location within the reach of all major universities and colleges.


tokyo studying abroadTokyo is a home to 10 internationally ranked universities and they have an extraordinary academic tradition. Just look at the Asian Nobel Prize winners list – most of them come from Japan. Living costs are somewhat high, but tuition fees are comparatively cheap. Besides, Tokyo is known for great graduate job opportunities. It’s a huge and hectic city and a perfect place to meet the astonishing Japanese culture – both traditional and contemporary. Whether you’re a fan of karaoke, sushi or high-quality tea, Tokyo is the place to be.


paris studying abroadBeing one of the most popular tourist destinations, Paris has high living costs but, fortunately, there are a lot of scholarships provided by 18 internationally ranked universities for students from all around the world. Tuition fees are cheap, culture is amazing, top museums are at your fingerprints, and that’s why Paris is ranked as the number one student city. As in the past, contemporary Paris is a heaven for intellectuals and artists. If this is not enough for you, just remember the French cuisine and come to Paris to at least eat high-quality cheese and drink amazing wines.


If Brisbane is for the sunshine lovers, then Toronto is the perfect place for snow fans. It is home to 3 internationally ranked universities and it’s becoming the must-visit place for fashion-lovers, creative souls, and foodies. It’s multicultural as well – Toronto has Chinatown, Little Italy, and one of the largest Indian bazaars in North America. In addition, Niagara Falls are less than two hours away so if you’re a fan of Nikola Tesla – head to the place where the electrification of the world started.


If you’re into 24/7 kind of cities, the Seoul in South Korea is just the place for you. It’s the city that never sleeps, perfect for partying and having fun. Academic tradition is highly developed, too – there are 14 internationally ranked universities. And for those who think ahead – Seoul is full of employment opportunities. Furthermore, the food is amazing and perfect for curing hangovers – spicy pork or beef based soup is just the thing you need after you pull an all-nighter in one of the Asia’s most happening destinations.

Seize the opportunities, step out of your comfort zone, and take the leap of faith – you never know what lies ahead. Studying and living abroad has never been more available – you just have to find the perfect city for you and go for it.

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