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Beat Burnout at Work

8 Ways to Beat Burnout at Work

By Nicole Noel

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You have dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort to your job and career, but instead of enjoying the long-awaited fruits of your labor, for some reason you are stuck under layers of dissatisfaction and unpleasantness. Every day at work now feels like a never-ending torture and just the thought of returning the next day makes you cringe. Exhausted and beaten down, you go to bed wishing you could change things instantly. You can. Maybe not instantly, but you can indeed get yourself to a better place.

Pinpoint the causes of your burnout

Before anything else, you should try to figure out what it is that led to your burnout. Get to the cause of your problem, so that you’ll know what exactly needs to be fixed. The root of the issue may be in the job itself, but, let’s face it, it may also be in your (possibly unrealistic) expectations. If you’re expecting too much from yourself and your job, you’ll end up feeling disappointed or defeated, waking up each day awaiting an unlikely outcome.

Beat Burnout

Rediscover yourself

Besides your career-oriented self, there is a version of you that you’ve probably forgotten about. The person that enjoys ‘me’ time, withdrawing from all the noise and constant requests, and tends to her own needs. Go back to your hobbies, walks by the river, favorite writers… If you really want to tune out for a while, equip yourself with good camping and outdoor gear and head for the woods—spend a day or two in nature to soak in its soothing sounds, clear your mind, admire the landscapes, take pictures… and recharge your batteries.

Build better relationships with your coworkers

If you’re not satisfied with the relationships you have with your colleagues and coworkers, change them. Going to work every day won’t feel like torture if you know you’ll be surrounded by people who are pleasant to work with.

Beat Burnout

Learn to handle stress and relax

All the frustration and stress that pile up need to be released somehow if you don’t want your health to suffer. Engage more in activities that help you relax mentally and physically, apply useful breathing techniques, meditate… Also, you can jot down the situations you find most stressful so that you can think of an effective way to reduce the stress they come with.

Talk about what troubles you

Sometimes having a shoulder to cry on really helps. We often like to think of ourselves as strong, refraining from sharing our troubles with another person, fearing it may make us seem weak. But it won’t. It simply means that you are a human being who has their limits, like everyone else. Talk about what you’re going through with a careful listener, lift some of that burden off yourself, and see if you can get some useful advice on how to cope with your crisis. If necessary, you can also discuss your problems with a professional who will help you find adequate techniques and methods to overcome the given obstacles to job satisfaction.

Look for support in stable aspects of your life

Look for support and positivity in what is good and stable in your life, for example, your romantic relationship. Focusing on such great things can give you the necessary motivation, inspiration and energy to keep pushing forward.

Beat Burnout

Avoid conflict

Instead of confrontation, try a calmer, more constructive approach when you get into a disagreement with a colleague. Not only will you be exposing yourself to less stress, but you will also be pointing out that it’s more important to find a convenient solution than win an argument.

Refrain from being too accommodating

Be careful not to become too accommodating so that you don’t start doing other people’s work for them. Naturally, do your coworker a favor when they really need it, just remember to draw a line when you start feeling like your kindness is being abused.

Regardless of how bad your current situation seems, it is possible to beat work burnout. Keep an open mind to find the solutions that will be most useful to you.

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