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5 Ways to Talk Your Boyfriend into Paying Attention to Fashion

By Behn Watson

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It’s an age old problem: we all want our significant others to dress their best; to live up to their potential. Ladies typically put their best foot forward a lot more than men do, for reasons that can’t be explained. As a man, I know that my significant other would certainly appreciate it if I put a little more effort in on a regular basis. I guess when you become comfortable in your own skin and relationship then your clothing tends to mirror that. There’s no real reason for it either, other than laziness of course.

This all begs the question: how do we remedy these problems? Well, today I’m here to offer you the male perspective on the matter; to give you five ways in which you can talk your boyfriend or husband into putting in that extra effort to pay attention to fashion. Most of these will seem like common sense but men don’t always operate with common sense as their guiding principle, so a kick in the pants is probably necessary. Not all five of these methods may work for you, but there should be something everyone can put into practice. Hopefully these help to you get your man to try a little harder.

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1. He’ll Feel Better About Himself:

It’s a pretty simple concept but when you dress better you often feel better about yourself. Putting in that extra effort will make your partner feel better about who they are, and in turn, become the version of themselves that you enjoy the most. Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves and dressing better can certainly be a stepping stone to achieving that. You shouldn’t have to twist his arm in order to achieve this goal.

Remind him that you’re not trying to turn him into a piece of arm candy, but you enjoy the person who is confident, handsome, and put together. Use fancy words to build his ego like “raconteur” and “debonair.” They’re just familiar enough to not require a definition, yet distant enough to convince him they actually mean something. At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel good about themselves and dressing better is a great way to do that.

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2. It’ll Make Him Look Younger:

There is pretty much no age at which someone doesn’t want to feel or be told that they look younger than they actually are. It’s an unfortunate fact of growing older that while we become more comfortable with ourselves our level of caring about how we dress tends to slip. Now I can’t tell you how to get this message across without being too harsh; that unfortunate bit of truth is going to be your responsibility, but it’s certainly something that will be effective.

Dressing better will help to stave off the years and at the very least make him feel mentally younger. Dressing well and having even a passing idea about what’s happening in the world of fashion will certainly help him look younger but feel younger too. It’s not a tough concept to grasp, because we all fall into this boat at some point or another. All it takes is a gentle nudge.

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3. It Means Something to You:

This one is fairly simple yet surprisingly effective. If your partner cares about you and wants to keep you happy, then this should be an easy way to get them to care about fashion. While it may not seem like an interest couples would typically share, it actually can be.

When discussing fashion, it doesn’t have to be the avant garde things that very few people get or care to get. It can be as simple as cultivating your own style and what goes into that. It’s interesting to discuss what you like and don’t like and what you think looks good and what doesn’t. Most people want to stand out in some capacity, or at least not look the same as everyone else, and this is a great way to find out what makes them tick, clothing wise. Ease your way in to the conversation and see where it takes you. You may be surprised by the results.

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4. He’ll Look Better:

This one is pretty simple, and certainly fits in with the other concepts we’ve spoken about thus far. It stands to reason that if he will look better by paying attention to what’s happening in the world of style and fashion. Knowing how a suit should fit or how to pair shirts and ties, all of this information is going to seep in to his brain and inform his future decisions.

We can all admit that we would like to look better in some capacity at least. Tell him that having a passing interest in style and fashion will help him look better is a great way to get him to pay attention. Us men can be simple creatures sometimes, so a push in the right direction is all we need and the simplest, most factual reason is a great way to get us there.

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5. He Needs to Trust You:

An age old trick employed by partners of men for centuries, blind faith is as effective a trick as any. You haven’t led him astray before, so why would you start now? Use your feminine (or masculine) wiles to lead him in the right direction, trusting you along the way.

If he places his trust in you, which he will, you can carefully guide him to dressing better and paying attention to what’s happening in the fashion world. You have a good idea of what’s right for him and won’t make him look like a fool, which is always his biggest concern.

At the end of the day, these methods should help you guide your man into paying attention to fashion. If he has a reasonably open mind, it shouldn’t be too difficult given all the bullets I just put into your chamber. It’s important to have some fun with this and not take things too seriously. Fashion and style don’t need to be taken more seriously than they already are, and that’s probably not what he’s looking for.

So good luck, and I’m confident you can get your man there.

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