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5 Great Ideas to Lift Your Team’s Spirits

By Nicole Noel

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In an ideal world, you’d be able to prevent every single burnout for your employees and foresee any company-wide issue that will bring you all down into collective blues. Until such a day comes, you can definitely find creative ways to inspire your team even in the darkest times, whether caused by a lack of customers, too much work, or getting stuck in a rut. Learning how to get back on track with your energy renewed and your morale increased will be vital in increasing your team’s performance and your collective success!

Focus on goals

Sometimes, a good pep talk can go a long way in getting over a work slump or even a crisis, but more often than not, you need a more realistic frame of reference for that motivation to last. On one hand, you can and should make the most of setting realistic, attainable goals that you can track over time – this alone will help your teams feel more accomplished despite the crisis.

On the other hand, adding a fun twist to your daily metrics by introducing goals that are not really work-related can take some of the edge off. Think: the most coffees in the day prize, the silliest joke told reward, or something similar to make you all smile.

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Exchange knowledge

Growing a business, no matter how big or small, comes with a whole slew of issues and setbacks. Since ignoring them will do you no good, perhaps hashing out what’s troubling you can lead to some insight. For example, your colleague may be able to shed some new light on a persisting problem in your department, while you can offer a more constructive solution to some of their own issues.

You can turn these productive rants into a monthly thing and book your conference room or a Skype call for these purposes only. Exchange your experiences and knowledge to move forward!

Surprise your team

Has your team put in more hours in the past couple of weeks than usual? Have they encountered a particularly needy client who wants them at their beck and call all the time? A gesture of appreciation can help remind your team of how much you value their effort, especially when they go above and beyond to grow your business.

For teammates who collect hot toys, you can surprise them with a gift of their favorite movie character to keep them inspired during those tough work weeks. You can also offer them a few days off, a paid weekend retreat for them and their loved ones, or even just a box of their favorite chocolates can do the trick. It’s the thought that counts, or so they say, so make the most of this opportunity to keep your team happy!

Make a difference

When all else fails and when you all feel as if nothing seems to be able to change your current professional predicament, why not shift your focus to those in need? Let’s face it, as much as it seems your business may be suffering, taking a look outside your office may give you a new perspective and a renewed appreciation of your situation.

Head to your local soup kitchen for the day and serve food for the hungry. Go to a dog shelter and adopt a pooch for the office, and you’ll not just do a good deed, but also have an instant stress-reliever ball of fluff at your disposal. Make care packages for kids in hospitals, or do something else to contribute to your community – it will make your day and you’ll make a difference.

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Keep up with those acknowledgements

Finally, a meaningful pat on the back followed by an eloquent recognition for their achievements is sometimes all it takes to keep your employees going. Of course, it’s best to pair them with a surprise coffee splurge or a session of team paintball, but a few words can go a long way in improving their mood for the moment.

Set up one-on-one meetings with each one of your team members and tell them precisely why you appreciate them and how they are an asset to your business. Chances are, that’s all they need to hear!

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